Ralph Hansen.... founder and owner of The Caring Coach.

Ralph Hansen.... founder and owner of The Caring Coach.

Ralph Hansen began The Caring Coach service because so many seniors (and medical patients) require special care in their transportation needs. Livery services are generally designed for the healthy and mobile – but those on the way to medical appointments often have a unique set of needs requiring a more caring, personal approach.

Over a decade of caring for people with a wide range of medical and health needs, Ralph became convinced that a transportation service needed to be designed from the ground up to extend the circle of care from door-to-door.

When you need transportation – especially for medical needs and appointments – you need more than a driver and a car. You need a driver who cares. From here to there and back again.

You want care service. And that’s The Caring Coach

The Caring Coach is a transportation / livery service based in northern New Jersey. It is an on-call service company providing people who have medical needs and appointments with personal, caring transportation to and from a variety of settings such as hospitals, surgery centers, rehabilitation centers, doctors offices, oncology treatment centers, etc. Unlike typical limo services, The Caring Coach provides what its customers need most – care from door to door.

Transportation requests for visits outside of the NJ/NYC area will be considered upon request.

The Caring Coach provides transportation for medical appointments such as:

  • Same-Day Surgery Centers

  • Eye Surgery Centers

  • Surgery Rehabilitation Centers

  • Medical Testing Labs

  • Physical Therapy Centers

  • Regular Doctor/Specialist visits

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Oncology Treatment Centers

  • Orthopedic Treatments

  • Dental Treatments

  • Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers

  • Special Trips for Seniors to visit friends and family

  • Social functions of all kinds.