You may live just minutes across town.... or clear across the entire country. Regardless of the distance, the worries are exactly the same:

How to manage the care, safety and well-being of your elderly parent or special needs relative or loved one while you balance the demands of your career, children and your life.

The Caring Coach will eliminate one of the most stressful tasks associated with overseeing and supervising the care of a loved-one living on their own:  safe, reliable and dependable transportation to and from doctor's appointments, same-day-care facilities and other necessary appointments - even personal or social engagements - when you are either too busy or live too far away. 

The Caring Coach will:

  • Assist the client with their coat, hat, gloves, and other accessories if necessary.

  • Be sure the home is locked and secure, and the client has their keys for re-entry.

  • Double check that the client has any and all medications, paperwork, referrals or anything else needed for their appointment.

  • Help the client out of the house and into the vehicle.

  • Help the client from the vehicle into the appointment.

  • Wait for the client until done.

  • Double check that the client has everything needed (prescriptions, medications, paperwork, clothing) before leaving the appointment.

  • Help the client back into the vehicle, and then from the vehicle back into the home, as needed.

  • Confirm with you that the client has been returned safely home.

  • Update you on anything you may need to know (next scheduled appointment, anything out of the ordinary).

  • Work with you to develop a checklist of requirements.