As you grow your practice some things you used to handle yourself simply become too time-consuming and unproductive for you to perform. 

Oftentimes Geriatric Care Managers find the considerable amount of time spent transporting clients to and from medical appointments and social functions can be better used overseeing the myriad tasks needed to assure they are providing the best possible care for their client. 

The Caring Coach will provide your client the same clean, safe and dependable transportation as would you. You can depend on us to:

  • Explicitly follow your directions and special instructions concerning the unique care and needs of you client.

  • Safely and reliably deliver any referrals, documents, medications, files or paperwork on behalf of you and your client to the intended recipient.

  • Assist your client from their home into the vehicle, and assist them from the vehicle into their appointment.

  • Wait for your client for the duration of their appointment and return them home.

  • Treat your client with courtesy, dignity and respect.

  • Remain in contact with you via text messaging, phone or email as you require or as the situation demands.

  • Consider ourselves a partner in maintaining the high quality and professionalism of your practice.