Getting to and from same day medical and surgical procedures has always been one of the biggest challenges for those with mobility or transportation issues.

In almost all cases the patient is required to be transported from the facility after the procedure is complete. Unlike conventional taxi or limo services we can help with patients who are often groggy, disoriented or still under the influence of anesthesia.

The Caring Coach solves your same day procedure dilemma by:

  • Dropping you off AND picking you up. You never have to worry about your return ride being reliable or on time.

  • Double checking with the doctor's staff that you have all necessary paperwork, prescriptions and instructions for what to do when you return home.

  • Assisting you out of building and into the vehicle to avoid accidents because of the lingering effects of anesthesia.

  • Drive you to your pharmacist to fill any required medication.

  • Help you from the vehicle and back into your home.